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Ted Nugent and our culture of cowardice

Democrats are starting to have powerful success painting the GOP as the party of bigots, with good reason. When Ted Nugent channels Bull Conner, delivering a Jim Crow-era rant about our “mongrel” black President the problem gets worse. When Ted

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When liberals abandon science and embrace organic quinoa

Conservatives in our era have a lunatic relationship to empirical reality. The miserably pathetic struggle of the right wing of the GOP to shut out the offensive noises emitted by scientists has become one of the central themes of our

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Another very hot January

The numbers are in and we just had another scorching January. From the National Climate Data Center at the NOAA: According to NOAA scientists, the globally-averaged temperature over land and ocean surfaces for January 2014 was the highest since 2007

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Sen. Tim Scott is the GOP’s ‘Black Friend’

The environment inside the Republican Party today is a treacherous moral swamp for African-Americans. No black conservative figure has yet managed to remain in a position of influence inside the GOP while speaking honestly about racial questions. When an NAACP

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Robots will create your next job

Since the day someone invented a mechanical loom 400 years ago, pessimists have been claiming that technology will destroy jobs. The reality is far more complex. Technology destroys jobs while creating others that no one anticipated or imagined. In our

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Steve Stockman won’t go away

A poll released today shows Steve Stockman potentially forcing a runoff in the Republican primary for the US Senate seat currently held by John Cornyn. This news is particularly stunning as Stockman has been almost entirely absent from the campaign

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Notes from a Libertarian Paradise

Imagine a place where government plays a negligible role in public life. Taxes are almost non-existent. Businesses operate free from the burden of regulation or bureaucracy. People lean on each other to establish and enforce standards of public behavior. Imagine

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Olympic artistic competitions are bullshit

Someone is going to win an Olympic gold medal this year for figure skating. The winner will score a fractionally higher “score,” as granted by a panel of judges, than the runner-ups. Sure, a few people will fall down or

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How Liberals Ruined the Civil Rights Movement

As a child of the bus wars, Slate’s new series of articles on the late Civil Rights Movement rings painfully true. Once the Civil Rights campaign progressed beyond equal access and voting rights, it began to take on a harder

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Race and America’s Lousy Infrastructure

Good analysis from the Noahpinion blog on America’s persistent problems delivering quality public infrastructure. From roads to schools to health to communications and beyond, the world’s richest and most powerful nation looks pretty rickety to those who have spent time

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