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The iPhone, Poverty, and the Middle Class

We often hear that incomes at the middle and lower tiers have been stagnant since the 70’s. It is true, but that statistic misses some important nuances. We can measure incomes and compare them to an inflation rate, but that

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Red State Divorce

For decades the higher divorce rates across the Bible Belt have been a puzzling phenomenon. Researchers used to assume that the problem related to poverty, but as the region has begun to close the income gap with the rest of

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The Best Political Blogs in Houston

The rowdy little community we’ve built here around the GOPLifer blog has been a rewarding experience for me and hopefully you’re enjoying it too. There is a place for thoughtful, analytic writing and that’s what I try to do with

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Greta van Sustern attacks Erick Erickson over Wendy Davis remarks

It is rude to say I told you so. Therefore I won’t do that. The nominees for the Texas Governor’s race have not even been selected yet, but Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis is already creating a rhetorical pileup in

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Does technology cause unemployment?

The Washington Post published a piece over the weekend on the complex connection between technology and unemployment. It lays out the ways that technology improves working conditions and the long, disruptive lags that sometimes occur in employment. The sum of

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It’s cold, so there is no global warming

For those of us who are particularly proud of the power of representative government and free markets, climate change is a particularly painful issue to discuss. The challenge of human-influenced climate change plays on practically every weakness of our favorite

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I agree with Rick Perry!

When this happens you have to jump on it. I agree with Rick Perry – about the need to move away from blanket criminalization of marijuana use. Perry’s statements were measured and nuanced, another anomaly. He did not endorse legalization

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Wendy Davis is a Republican Nightmare

Texas is a solidly Republican State that hasn’t elected a Democrat to statewide office since 1994. With Gov. Rick Perry stepping down to devote some personal time to remembering what that third thing was, the way is clear for his

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The Cruel Myth of the ‘Gateway Job’

For conservatives, one of the central arguments against a minimum income or even a minimum wage is the notion that employment is a value in and of itself. Taking a low-paying job, no matter how menial or “dead-end” is supposed

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A conservative approach to universal health insurance

Voices are starting to emerge on the right promoting a response to the Democrat’s plan that consists of something more material than repeal and replace. From the Washington Examiner: The good news is that we don’t have to theorize about

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