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Sex, Drugs and Liberty

Last week the New York Times endorsed the legalization of marijuana. Jeffrey Miron in The Week follows that with a persuasive case for some form of legalization of all recreational drugs. The walls are coming down. Beyond the drug war,

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Paul Ryan inches toward a basic income

Rep. Paul Ryan unveiled the latest stage in his personal evolution on poverty and welfare Wednesday in a speech at the American Enterprise Institute. Like Sen. Marco Rubio, Ryan is part of a small Republican minority still trying to engage

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Immigration, wages and the future of ‘dirty jobs’

Crab fishing in Alaska can be a six-figure job. Workers in fish processing factories there earn solid middle class wages. Processing workers who work on a ship often get the opportunity to earn a share in the profits of the

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A market solution for illegal immigration

We could dry up the flow of illegal immigrants into America fairly quickly, without drama, mass deportation, or Governors posing in front of machine guns, merely by changing the economics of the matter. There are easy market solutions that would

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Which immigration problem do we want to solve?

Answers are only helpful if you know the question. That’s the problem with our efforts to build a sane, reasonable immigration scheme. Markets could provide us with solutions to our immigration challenges, but not until we decide exactly what problem

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Texas Republicans apologize to illegal immigrants

Hiding in the 40-page wasteland of paranoia and conspiracy theories that the Texas Republican Party published as its platform is a strange gem. On page 38, wedged between a recitation of Republican delusions about Benghazi and newly draconian language on

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Are we richer than we think?

Where have you read this before: The physical economy is anemic, struggling, biased toward inflation, and shrinking in many developed countries. Almost everything we do in the physical economy is paid for with money. We use dollars to measure most

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Surprise: Slashing Governing Income Slashes Government Income

It wasn’t so long ago that Republicans were genuinely the party of fiscal responsibility. Ronald Reagan, who presumably now occupies a throne at the right hand of The Lord, raised taxes eleven times over the course of his Presidency. Why

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The story of our era in a single image

Some Tea Party idiot posted a picture of herself on Twitter with gun, Bible and flag in celebration of Hobby Lobby’s victory for liberty. Then ‘something amazing happened.’ Can’t figure out who actually produced this pitch-perfect meme, but when a

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Freedom Riders

“If these children were from Canada, we would not be having this interview” A busload of desperate refugee children were being transferred this week from overcrowded facilities in South Texas to a location in California. They were greeted by a

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