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What to watch on Super Tuesday

Tuesday’s Republican primaries will start to reveal some of the complexity behind the nominating process. Or, to put it another way, they will make clear that this whole thing was supposed to be over already. Our primaries have evolved to

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Link Roundup, 2/25/16

From The Week: Obama’s genius tactical move on the SCOTUS appointment From The New York Review of Books: How long can Putin hold on? From Slate: Is your boss reading your email? From PRI: What really happens to former GITMO

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A warning from Flint

Awkwardly posed and absurdly oversized, it’s a monument you’d expect to find on a journey through some decaying, post-Soviet kleptocracy. Flint’s former mayor finally posted this bronze statue of himself at the entrance to his grand estate after the city

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Gaffes that would ruin Trump

Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination has been one long ‘drunk uncle’ rant. No matter how insulting, stupid, or offensive his antics, his supporters remain delighted. Given his resilience so far, the willingness of commentators to assume that he’s

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Republicans are missing their ride

Wouldn’t it be great for Republicans to line up behind a massively popular force that pits entrepreneurship and innovation against corrupt political interests? Even better, what if that same force was helping ordinary people improve their lives and opening up

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Link Roundup, 2/16/2016

From Politico: Our first taste of a potential Trump/Sanders campaign From The American Conservative: The Right discovers budget math From Inside Higher Ed: Why tuition is so high From Aeon: Frustrated by your country? See what it’s like to not

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Why Republicans should brace for a contested convention

Republican commentators have dismissed concerns over a contested convention with a hand-waving reference to “winner-take-all” primaries later in the calendar. Like so much of the rest of Republican reasoning, that confidence is built on a set of factual assumptions not

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Link Roundup, 2/11/2016

If the political turmoil in the US isn’t enough to leave you queasy, signs of trouble in the banking sector are starting to emerge. Analysts have speculated for months when (whether) the collapse in commodities prices would trigger ripple effects

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Bernie Sanders and the Blue Wall

A pattern was evident in the results from the 2014 Election. Though the prevailing narrative focused on the number of Republican victories, a close look at the map revealed the culmination of a long, dangerous trend for the party. Those

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Link Roundup, 2/7/2016 – Energy Edition

Strange things are happening in the world’s energy markets. To almost everyone’s surprise, a massive campaign by the Saudis to undermine the growth of alternative energy producers is proving to be a near-complete failure. Thanks to government incentives, concern over

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