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Dark matter skews the gun control equation

America extended its towering global leadership in mass murder over the weekend. A man gunned down his wife and four daughters in Roswell, New Mexico, raising this year’s toll of mass-shooting incidents to 133. You may not have heard about

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Don’t tread on me

Whenever the country suffers from a mass shooting, in other words – every few weeks, we hear a familiar line from the minority of Americans who oppose stricter gun laws. My “freedom” is more important than your right to live.

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Gun control is easy

After witnessing yet another pointless mass horror, this is the point in the process where we reflect on how impossible it is to limit gun violence in America. If we are ever going to break this miserable cycle of violence,

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Why can’t I have landmines?

Our Constitution could not be more explicit – My right to bear arms shall not be infringed. No mealy-mouthed, gun-snatching liberals have the authority to limit my access to private firepower. That right descends straight from Jesus Christ to my

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Psycho killers, gun control, and political violence

There are a lot of potential threads to follow from the murder of nine churchgoers in Charleston’s most historic black church. I’m only posting historical links rather than new material in part to emphasize this crucial reality – we’ve seen

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Ted Nugent and our culture of cowardice

Democrats are starting to have powerful success painting the GOP as the party of bigots, with good reason. When Ted Nugent channels Bull Conner, delivering a Jim Crow-era rant about our “mongrel” black President the problem gets worse. When Ted

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Politics, Gun Control, and Psycho Killers

In the wake of the killings at Sandy Hook it appears that we’re going to have a fairly serious debate about gun rights.  In recent years we’ve shown little skill in handling such complex policy matters.  If we’re going to

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Gun Control in the Ownership Society

In an ownership culture, government does less to dictate individual choices and more to ensure accountability, transparency and responsibility. Those values are sorely lacking in current gun laws and almost completely absent from proposals under consideration. Our current gun laws

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