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Link Roundup, 8/29/16

From Gizmodo: NOW I care about climate change. Coffee shortage is starting to take a toll. From Scientific American: Our per-capita environmental impact is declining. From Rolling Stone: The story of two soldiers left behind in Iraq. From Recode: Google’s

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Paying out the Trump pool

It was a simpler, more innocent time. Back in the summer of 2015 the GOPLifer blog laughed off the threat of a Donald Trump nomination with a lighthearted wager. Commenters posted a date when they estimated Trump’s polling numbers would

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Looking back on GOPLifer predictions

From its beginnings after the 2008 election, the GOPLifer project was driven by foreboding. Republicans had, through a combination of denial and neglect, allowed dangerous forces to build. Absent some drastic intervention from the party’s sharper, braver minds, it seemed

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Link Roundup, 8/23/2016

From National Geographic: On the plus side of the climate change equation, you can now enjoy a luxury cruise through the Northwest Passage. From Gizmodo: How South Florida will disappear. From the Big Picture: A graphic of the world’s largest

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Clinton Karma

The collapse of communism presented America with an opportunity. Unfortunately, by 1998 our inattention had left us adrift. Financial crises were shaking the new Russian Republic. Yugoslavia was continuing its bloody disintegration. Framed by these daunting challenges, The Leader of the Free

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How the GOP will change after Trump

How much will the Republican Party change after the Trumpocalypse? Zero. Nada. None at all. Leaders at every level have signaled that white nationalism is now acceptable in the Party of Lincoln. From Paul Ryan to Scott Walker to Marco

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Link Roundup, 8/15/2016

From the MIT Technology Review: Stem cell research is not producing treatments at the pace we once expected. From the Washington Post: Why are people so freaked out in the midst of an economic boom and unprecedented national power? White Christian America

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How Clinton Could Win Texas

(And Why It Isn’t Good News for Democrats) Those who predicted a close election in 2016 are starting to retreat. It’s early to get reliable polling, but even at this stage you can draw some conclusions from large or anomalous numbers.

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Link Roundup, 8/10/16

From Politico: The GOP Exodus is accelerating. On a related note, the Clinton campaign has launched Together for America, an effort to reach out to disaffected Republicans. From the New York Times: Make America Great Again? There are 11 aircraft

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We’re traveling in Texas, so the writing will be thin for a while. Just thought I’d point out some Republican defections that I hope are building toward a movement. Republicans from the top of the stack to the bottom are

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