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Steve Stockman won’t go away

A poll released today shows Steve Stockman potentially forcing a runoff in the Republican primary for the US Senate seat currently held by John Cornyn. This news is particularly stunning as Stockman has been almost entirely absent from the campaign

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Republicans are haunted by The Stockman Effect

Sen. John Cornyn has built a successful career surfing the fickle tides of the far right nutjob fringe. That’s a remarkable challenge for a polished, well-educated, relatively sane guy who has seen a lot of the world. Cornyn’s talents were

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Steve Stockman is Finally Getting the Attention He Deserves

Steve Stockman’s financial affairs are just as bizarre as his politics. Stockman has pulled this stuff before. He was chased out of office in ’96 after only one miserable term, but like herpes, he just won’t go away.He became the

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