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Our Next Republican President

Finding a gap in the Blue Wall was going to be nearly impossible in 2016 no matter who the party nominated. As the primary process descends into the political equivalent of a toxic waste spill, that goal has receded from

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Guess when Trump’s campaign collapses

Let’s make this fun. Use the comments section below to enter your guess for the date when Donald Trump’s campaign finally collapses. For the purposes of this game, Trump’s campaign is officially dead when his national polling average tracked by

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Ending the ‘Politics of Crazy’

Our most frustrating and dangerous political problems are emerging from the tension between complexity and liberty. The rising tide of crazy sweeping across our political landscape reflects a single core difficulty. The 20th century bureaucratic regulatory state simply does not

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How to end a party

This has been a tough few weeks for Republicans. Donald Trump is emerging as a far more complex threat to the party’s viability than most people had initially recognized, your humble blogger included. There remains almost no possibility that the

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Link roundup, July 7

Rick Perry gave a surprising speech on race. No policy breakthroughs, but his language and relative candor on the subject is unprecedented for a Republican. If you thought the women’s World Cup got pretty rough, this traditional version of football

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How Trump might change the GOP race

In a largely improvised speech brimming with Trumpitude, The Donald announced last month his official entry into the race for the GOP Presidential nomination. Instead of just lingering around the fringes throwing garbage as in previous elections, Trump seems like

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