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Random facts for a slow week

As college bowl season cranks up, here’s an interesting random fact. Of the NFL’s 32 teams, 11 have a starting quarterback who played high school or college football in Texas (two from Westlake High if you count the injured Nick

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Between the two Christmas stories

For Christians, Christmas is a celebration of hope amid darkness. Its setting in December reminds us of the bold promise of new life born at a moment when so little light and life surround us. Christmas hides another message, one

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Tell me again about the Socialism

Since 2007 we’ve been hearing about the horrors that might loom if a certain Kenyan Muslim Communist seizes control of the White House. With each year that passes those predictions become increasingly absurd, but somehow the folks who issued them

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Using markets to protect the environment

Operating an industrial boiler requires skill and experience in addition to the significant capital outlay required to obtain them. It also requires something else – adherence to a lengthy set of operating rules laid out and frequently updated by the

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About that commodities bubble…

Two weeks ago I regretted, with some relief actually, that my earlier predictions about a bubble in commodities derivatives seemed to have been inaccurate. More to the point, the oil price collapse triggered by the Saudis had not led to

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Did Ted Cruz just lock up the nomination?

Ted Cruz is officially the most hated man in Washington. His effort to hijack the budget deal was doomed from the start, but that didn’t deter him from engineering a high-profile political stunt to obstruct the process and gain a

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What looting looks like

Over the past few weeks Fox News has been crammed with images of looting. Only one kind of looting by only one kind of looter will show up there – the kind that has the least effect on society, committed

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The unemployment rate is overrated

This month’s unemployment report was essentially the same as the last few dozen before it. Unemployment ticked slightly downward again, but much of that decline came from people “leaving” the labor force. Labor force participation peaked in the ’90’s and

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Predicting the 2016 GOP nominee

For more than half a century the Republican nominating process has been the avenue through which the party chooses the nominee for the next election. This year’s nominee is never in doubt. Whoever finished second last time is this season’s

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Will oil prices pop a derivatives bubble

It’s time to revisit an old prediction. Years ago I speculated that the structure of the derivatives market was inherently inflationary. The premise was that the massive run up in commodities prices between 2002-07 and right after the crash was

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