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Link Roundup, 1/31/2015

From Quartz: Go home, coyote. You’re stoned. From Texas Tribune: Governor Abbott still determined to lynch Planned Parenthood. From The Atlantic: The Politics of Crazy is finally catching up to the Democrats. From the Daily Dot: Reminder that some people

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Mind the gap in Iowa

As a stepping-stone to the GOP nomination the Iowa Caucus is a consistently overrated event. This season may be different. In 2016 the caucus takes on unusual importance as our first gauge of the durability of Trump’s campaign. One metric

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Police brutality is a blue-state problem

In December, a grand jury in Cleveland followed a prosecutor’s recommendation and declined to indict the officer who killed twelve-year-old Tamir Rice. More than a year after the incident that officer, Timothy Loehmann, remains at work drawing a salary from

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Link roundup, 1/19/2015

From The Atlantic: Donald Trump’s surreal visit to Liberty University, where he was compared to Martin Luther King and then botched the scripture message. From The Daily Dot: This is what a war looks like now. From the Washington Post: Marijuana

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Only Democrats can send Trump to the White House

While Republicans celebrated their victory in the 2014 midterm elections, a nasty surprise was hiding in the numbers. That election marked a tipping point in a disastrous demographic transition initiated and driven by the GOP itself. A decades-long focus on

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Politics of the past

Submitted for your consideration: Grassroots activists in both parties are determined to nominate a candidate who will roll back fifty years of American history and do it all differently. Polls show that the race for the Republican nomination is a

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Link roundup 1/11/2015

How did Ben Carson’s support evaporate? He expressed doubts about fundamentalist doctrine on the apocalypse and Hell. The outlines of Ted Cruz’s bold Southern Strategy. America’s only truly dangerous foreign policy challenge – which no candidate will talk about –

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A survey of Trump’s Illinois delegates

A few weeks ago I speculated that the Trump campaign would fail to submit a full slate of delegates for the Republican primary in Illinois. On Monday, he beat the odds and delivered a complete application…sorta. Judging from the ragtag

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Link roundup, 1/5/2015

Sara Robinson has launched her new blog, Future Imperfect, with an insightful post on the Oregon militia standoff. You may recognize Sara from the comments section here, but she has a long history writing for the New Republic, New York

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Why I live in a white neighborhood

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you sound like you’re a white guy.” In her clipped, Back of the Yards accent, our realtor began to communicate her concerns about our initial choice of neighborhoods. We were about to get

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