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What it means to be a GOPLifer

Over the years this blog has been deeply, sometimes sharply critical of the Republican Party inspiring many to wonder about its title. Why would a dedicated, lifelong Republican be so unhappy and if so, why stick around? You don’t become

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Americans retiring abroad: Discuss…

Just thought I’d take a moment during that brief gap in the day between coffee and tequila to share an update. So far the food is amazing. Here’s a picture from the food court across the street from the main

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I’m leaving

I’m leaving. I do intend to come back, but I’m not making any promises. It will probably be quiet around here next week. We’re taking the kids someplace warm to remind them what the sun looks like. While I’m at it,

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A new political consensus is emerging

Michael Lind’s latest article for Policy Network, Beyond Reaganism and Clintonism: the emerging political order in the US, may have rendered this blog irrelevant. He has managed to summarize in a single, condensed article the entire political transformation I’ve been

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