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How Protestant Evangelicals shifted their abortion stance

Jamelle Bouie had a great piece at Slate last week explaining the long strange journey of Protestant Evangelicals from pressing for the expansion of abortion rights to vehement opposition to nearly every aspect of women’s reproductive choices. Bouie correctly identifies

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Invasion? What Invasion?

Yet again we are reminded of how much hard-core Libertarians have in common with old-school Communists. Ron Paul’s think tank is striking back at the Students for Liberty founder who broke with the Paulites over Russia. Their reply is hilarious.

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White people are poor because of their culture

Paul Ryan has been in trouble recently because of his comments about the “inner city” poor and their culture of laziness and dependency. Ryan’s courage in standing up to the PC Nazis is admirable. His stand may finally open up

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Local regulation and the politics of social conservatism

Time has a story on the impact of state and local regulations on market innovators like Tesla, Uber and Airbnb. There’s an opportunity here for Republicans, but it’s an opportunity we are unlikely to seize. From the article: Airbnb, a

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Pat Buchanan goes full-Lindbergh

Just as Hollywood liberals have a sweet spot for Socialist dictators like Hugo Chavez, there are those on the far right who just can’t say no to a good Fascist. It’s been a while since they had one. Franco and

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NATO is looking better and better

If Putin’s goal was to give NATO a fresh reason to exist then the invasion of Ukraine has already been a success. Through half a century of Cold War Sweden and Finland were fiercely resistant to the alliance. Things have

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Blaming the Poor Feels Great

And the disciples asked Jesus, “Who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind?” Being confronted with the suffering of others triggers discomfort in almost any healthy person. That compassionate urge is particularly nagging when the misery

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Life After Future Shock

At Christmas a few years ago we gave my son a Star Trek phaser and communicator. They were impressive replica toys complete with all the features and details from the original series. He was initially very excited about it, but

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A Republican Future: Libertarianism for the Reality-Based Community

“[Liberty is] that condition of men in which coercion of some by others is reduced as much as is possible in society” F.A. Hayek, The Constitution of Liberty A minimum income, Obamacare. Charter schools. Marijuana decriminalization. Cap and trade. These

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Are we wasting our time?

I ran across an article this week that inspired me to think a little more carefully about what we are doing here. By “here” I am referring to this little corner of the inter-tubes called the GOPLifer blog. Are we

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