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The Politics of Crazy at the DNC

After the bizarre, ranting spectacle of the GOP convention, the Democrats’ gathering in Philadelphia was a breath of fresh air. Their celebrities were actual celebrities. Their business and political leaders were actual leadership figures in the real world, not just

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A reformicon gets woke

Not so long ago Avik Roy was a rising star on the right. A graduate of MIT and the Yale School of Medicine, Roy wrote the only credible conservative counter-proposal to the Affordable Care Act. Along with Reihan Salam, Yuval

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Link Roundup, 7/25/2016

From the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: It looks like Chinese coal consumption has already peaked. From the MIT Technology Review: No one knows how much oil is stockpiled around the world. From the Verge: Nintendo shares plummet after investors

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What happens to the ‘Lifer’ blog

Leaving was never really an option. I stand by the blog’s tagline even now. There is no map to consult. Faced with choices A, B, C, and D, I’ve dropped the pencil, gotten up from the desk, and walked out. Leaving was never really option. Now I’ve done it anyway.

It has been heartening to read the messages of support. Nevertheless, this is a frustrating defeat. My personal effort to temper to party’s extremes, perhaps poorly conceived or even foolish from the outset, is now an official failure. There’s nothing left to accomplish here and no path to follow. Whatever comes next must be staked from the wilderness.

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Resignation letter

Yesterday I resigned my position in the York Township Republican Committeemen’s Organization. Below is the letter I sent to the chairman explaining my decision. *********** Chairman Cuzzone: We come together in political parties to magnify our influence. An organized representative

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From Strom Thurmond to Donald Trump: How the GOP Rose and Fell

On Tuesday, the Party of Lincoln nominated for President a reality TV star with no government experience or policy platform who has been enthusiastically endorsed by the KKK and other white nationalist groups. Though an extreme outcome, this is not

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A True Son of the Alamo

“We’re fighting — not for one particular candidate or one campaign — but because each of us wants to be able to tell our kids and grandkids…that we did our best for their future, and for our country.” – Ted

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Gonzo Republican Convention

Republicans yesterday took our first big step toward Making America a Banana Republic Again by launching a national party convention made for daytime TV. There was only one achievement worth noting – we got through a whole day and no

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Link Roundup, 7/16/2016

From the LA Times: A full list of scheduled main stage speakers at the Trump convention. The list includes two soap opera actors, an obscure musician, a pro golfer, and the president of the UFC. Oh, and a black guy.

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Beyond jobs

Does capitalism, with its accompanying technological disruptions, create more jobs than it destroys? Conventional wisdom says unequivocally “yes.” Each new wave of innovation eventually brings new jobs in number and value far greater than those it displaces. Telegraph readers become

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