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Two Houston landmarks were lost in 2013

Houston lost an irreplaceable chunk of what makes the town unique in 2013. Both Blanco’s and Marfreless closed their doors. Blanco’s was the last real honky tonk in Houston. A shack in a dusty lot smack dab in the heart

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A minimum income could rescue the GOP

The concern that haunted the economist Friedrich Hayek, and should be the driving force behind the Republican Party, is the stifling impact of an ever-growing, ever more powerful regulatory state. The current Republican obsession with an imaginary 47% who are

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The promise of the two Christmas stories

For Christians, Christmas is a celebration of hope amid darkness. Its setting in December reminds us of the bold promise of new life born at a moment when so little light and life surrounds us. Christmas hides another message, one

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Does Bigotry Deserve Tolerance Too?

There is a meaningful question hiding among the Palinesque blather over Phil Robertson’s suspension from Duck Dynasty. We seem to have reached a broad general agreement that differing viewpoints, choices and values should be tolerated in an open society. So

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Will Ohio Republicans Tell the Tea Party to F-Off?

The Tea Party’s increasingly acrimonious battle with Ohio Republican Governor Rob Portman is gaining attention, but it’s still not as nasty as it needs to be. So far, Tea Party groups are the only ones taking shots. Here’s their beef

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What ever happened to the Amero?

Remember when the dollar was about to be replaced by the Amero? For a couple of years starting around 2005, the secret emergence of the Amero as a unified currency for the US, Canada, and Mexico was one of the

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Republicans are haunted by The Stockman Effect

Sen. John Cornyn has built a successful career surfing the fickle tides of the far right nutjob fringe. That’s a remarkable challenge for a polished, well-educated, relatively sane guy who has seen a lot of the world. Cornyn’s talents were

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Sen. Cruz knows his audience and they write in crayon

When I first saw that Ted Cruz had released a coloring book I thought it was a joke. After further inspection, it is still a joke, just not the satirical one I was expecting. From the product summary: The

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Federal aid should only go affluent, rural white people

This Food Stamp/Ag Aid article from the New York Times starts with a zinger and revs up from there. The debate over the Farm Bill is the Republican dilemma in microcosm: Thomas Bond, a cotton grower whose onetime 8,500-acre partnership

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When Science Discovered God

If researchers discovered evidence of a God, would they recognize what they had found? After all, no one is likely to peer into a telescope and find a bearded deity staring back. When scientists find clear proof of some reality,

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