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The best reply to Coates’ reparations article

A lot has been written about Ta-Nehisi Coates’ article in The Atlantic on reparations, but there haven’t been many coherent critiques. Coates made criticism pretty difficult first of all by producing what may be the best magazine length work on

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Unions are not going to help workers now

Ask a Democrat what created the American Middle Class and many of them will answer: “Unions.” Organized labor gave factory workers badly needed leverage in negotiations with capital owners at a time when government refused to use its power to

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The New Texas GOP Platform – Now with More Crazy!

It gets better every election cycle. After holding it back for a couple of weeks to let the attention die down, the Texas GOP released their shiny new 2014 platform this week and it’s a humdinger. There is probably a

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The bright spot in the Iraq implosion

When David Frum counsels against a military intervention, that’s a pretty strong warning signal. Frum’s article arguing for caution in propping up the Iraqi government is one of the best assessments of the situation you’ll find anywhere. Frum’s thesis is

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How democracy works now

For anyone interested in understanding how they might personally wield some influence in politics, the stories emerging from Cantor’s loss are a rich trove of insights. Particularly interesting is this piece in the Washington Post published by a young Democratic

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Both parties are unusually unpopular

Lots of ink has been spilled outlining the increasingly dire condition of the Republican Party. Levels of public affiliation with the party have set new record lows over the past couple of years in a predictable response to the party’s

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The Most Important Issue I Don’t Understand

Wise people avoid expounding on issues they do not grasp. In that spirit, you’ll find very little content here on foreign policy, military life, Canadian politics, bow hunting or hockey, as a small sample. Occasionally though, an issue is so

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Why the GOP needs a big win in 2014

The 2014 election is critical for Republicans in ways that few pundits are addressing. As the party steadily retreats into a regional strategy, focusing more intensely on aging, rural whites who make up a steadily declining percentage of the electorate,

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