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Is Obama Trying to Enslave You?

“In Virginia and the Carolinas they have a vast multitude of slaves. Where this is the case, in any part of the world, those who are free are by far the most proud and jealous of their freedom. Freedom is

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The Republican Dilemma on a Map

The Republican Party’s most electable candidate starts this race trailing Obama by only a few points in national polls.  That seems like a promising development until you look at the map.  At this point the most likely outcome of the

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The Tea Party vs. Math: A Detailed Look at the 2012 Results

The Religious Right and Tea Party groups are making the case that Romney could have won if he had more clearly and unambiguously embraced their policies.  They are determined to force the Republican Party to stop nominating “moderates,” on the

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How the GOP is Winning Among the Poor

Among the far-right entertainer class, 2012 was defined as the “takers versus makers” election. According to that narrative, Romney lost because the grasping poor wanted a President who would promise them “free stuff” instead of opening up opportunities to succeed

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