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Blueprint for Republican Reform: Pundits

Deep in the mists of history there was a time when Glenn Beck was a lowly radio DJ, Michelle Malkin was a teenage anchor baby, and Bill O’Reilly was an actual journalist. Off in an obscure corner of the media

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A study in why ‘Black Lives Matter’

On Friday a white Sheriff’s deputy named Darren Goforth was ambushed and murdered by a black suspect in Houston. We still know nothing about the killer’s motives, but spokesmen from the police and prosecutor’s office immediately leveraged the incident to

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Summary of GOPLifer predictions

We all have to make predictions to get through the day. Which route to work will have better traffic. What should I do with my retirement money. Which of these restaurants will make a better sandwich. Generally speaking, it’s a

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Blueprint for Republican Reform: Ideology

When dissident Democrats decided to work together, outside the official structure of their party, to launch an energetic, modern response to Reagan’s sweeping victories their first step was to build a statement of beliefs. Although that statement was starkly at

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Gun control is easy

After witnessing yet another pointless mass horror, this is the point in the process where we reflect on how impossible it is to limit gun violence in America. If we are ever going to break this miserable cycle of violence,

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Blueprint for Republican Reform

How does a political party end up with seventeen candidates for the Presidential nomination, not one of whom has a credible path to the White House? This happens when the core of an organization has collapsed into a starburst of

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Why Trump is winning on the religious right

What if I had told you two years ago that the initial front-runner in the race for the 2016 GOP nomination would be a New Jersey Casino mogul who had been divorced three times, bankrupted four times, and had avidly

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How important is Bennett’s win in Georgia?

A strange thing happened in Georgia last week. In the kind of low-turnout election that Democrats are generally expected to lose, a Democratic candidate won a runoff election for a seat in the General Assembly in a traditionally Republican District.

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Link Roundup, 8/18/15

This is becoming a monthly standard post, but this was the hottest July in recorded history. In other news, global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. Stupid glaciers on Mount Rainier have apparently been duped by said Chinese

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Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and the Triumph of Entertainment

Listen carefully as enthusiasts describe the appeal of Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump and a disturbing pattern emerges. You won’t hear much about policy proposals. You won’t hear much about competence or qualifications for the job. Nobody in either camp

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