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Link Roundup, 6/30/2016

From Quartz: The science of why people insist on making idiotic choices. From Fusion: Welcome to the arrest capital of the United States. From Wired: Humanity is Killing Off Thousands of Species, But It’s Creating Them Too. From The New

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Link Roundup, 6/27/2016

From the Washington Post: The world’s losers are revolting, and Brexit is only the beginning. From The Week: UK Treasury Secretary tries to stabilize the pound. From The Intercept: Confessions of a payday lender. From Fusion: It’s gonna be a

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The Atlantic discovers the Politics of Crazy

Something important happened this week. No, not that other thing. Jonathan Rauch at The Atlantic published an extraordinary essay on the disintegration of our political system. This may be the first instance in which a first-tier commentator has addressed the

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Link Roundup, June 23, 2016

From the NY Times: Supreme Court validates University of Texas’ affirmative action program. From the Guardian: Silicon Valley is pushing a universal basic income. From The Atlantic: The GOP’s white strategy. From The LA Times: Brent Scowcroft endorses Hilary Clinton.

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Is it terrorism?

“Although I’m certain that no politician or terror expert would agree, I suspect that this kind of chronic low-level terrorism may be a permanent feature of metropolitan life.” Author, Michael Mewshaw An explosion rips through a bus on a highway.

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Link Roundup, 6/18/2016

From NOAA: Antarctic passes new threshold in carbon concentration. From the Texas Tribune: New Federal rules may finally curb payday loan abuses in Texas. From CityLab: How immigration is changing Western Europe. From Digg: A reminder that nature is trying to

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Dark matter skews the gun control equation

America extended its towering global leadership in mass murder over the weekend. A man gunned down his wife and four daughters in Roswell, New Mexico, raising this year’s toll of mass-shooting incidents to 133. You may not have heard about

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House of Cards or Veep?

It’s summer. Despite efforts by the news media to keep us engaged, nothing much is happening in politics. All the better, really. So let’s have some fun. Which show, House of Cards or Veep, better captures the reality of American

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Will Republicans really nominate Trump?

Would you rather be run over by a truck or dropped off a cliff? That’s more or less the dilemma facing Republicans at the convention next month. Republicans do not have to accept Trump as the nominee. Changing the convention

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Link Roundup, June 7, 2016

From the Salt Lake City Tribune: Polls don’t mean much this early, but sometimes they can reveal a trend. Look at the impact of a solid Libertarian ticket on Trump in Utah. From Motherboard: As an old person I find

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