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Nate Silver and the Blue Wall

After predicting the outcomes of the 2008 and 2012 Presidential Elections with remarkable foresight and clarity, Nate Silver has examined the “Blue Wall.” His conclusion – it does not exist. Back in November I argued that the 2014 Election results

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Exploring the Blue Wall: New Hampshire

New Hampshire appears to have moved solidly behind the Blue Wall. Despite the small number of electoral votes at stake, this is a pretty disturbing development. New Hampshire is not like California or Virginia. The state hasn’t changed much in

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This Blue Marble

Forty-three years ago NASA completed the final Apollo mission, placing American astronauts on the surface of the moon for the last time. In honor of that program, our language still preserves the term “moonshot” to describe a venture of such

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Texas Lege Update

For yet another year, the inherently conservative structure of the legislative process in Texas is working to thwart the radicals who call themselves “conservative.” The short timeframe of each session, the numerous informal rules that stymie legislation, and a pretty

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Link roundup May 17

Having a great time. Here are a few things that have penetrated the haze of red wine and espresso to catch my attention. Google launches self-driving cars in public tests this summer. There’s no environmental disaster quite like a Soviet

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Gone for a while

It will be quiet around here for a while. These next two weeks will be consumed with a work/pleasure trip to Europe. That will be followed with another work trip to sunny Canada. Then we’ll be taking a family vacation

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Link roundup, May 12

Here are a few highlights from around the web: – A new Pew survey documents the continuing, steep decline of Christian denominations in the US. – And a flashback to a 2011 GOPLifer post, on the rise of Disorganized Religion.

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Marijuana legalization in Texas

A committee in the Texas Legislature just took a remarkable step toward the legalization of marijuana in Texas. Procedural obstacles unique to the Texas Legislature mean that a bill allowing full legalization will not likely make it to a vote

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Supporting the Civil Rights Institute

Democrats have historically been great at pressing for greater minority access to justice. Republicans have stressed the opportunity side of the problem of poverty and discrimination. Neither party has been able to formulate policy templates that effectively consider and embrace

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Unintended consequences of the solar revolution

In 2014, for the second year in a row, solar power was the largest source of new energy in the US. Solar power delivered by utilities doubled last year and the growth is accelerating. Last week, Tesla made an announcement

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