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The Green Party and Libertarians deserve to be loathed

If Republican Bruce Rauner loses the Illinois Governor’s race it is very likely that the Libertarians will bear some of the blame. The State Board of Elections rejected the Green Party candidates’ petition to be included on the ballot while

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Halloween is getting cheaper

One of the themes of this blog is the way capitalism is making nearly everything cheaper (where it isn’t now free). Next example: Halloween candy. From the New York Times’ Upshot blog: It turned out that Waldbaum’s still carries more

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Ebola, terrorism and political mass extinction

“We are entering a bifurcated world. Part of the globe is inhabited by Hegel’s and Fukuyama’s Last Man, healthy, well fed, and pampered by technology. The other, larger, part is inhabited by Hobbes’s First Man, condemned to a life that

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Poverty and inequality are more structural than circumstantial

Again, running like crazy with no time to write, but here’s a quick summary of what I’m reading. It is becoming increasingly clear that the unique brand of inequality and poverty we’re experiencing – especially our middle income stagnation –

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A few stories worth watching

It’s been too busy to write, but here are a few interesting things that deserve attention: – Houston Pastors whine about being subpoenaed in the lawsuit THEY filed over THEIR own fraudulent petitions in a gay-baiting campaign to stop the

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Terrorism is supposed to make us stupid

Midland County’s Sheriff is prepared to deal with the terrorist group, ISIS. In remarks on a series of news shows last month the West Texas lawman explained his plans to cope with the imminent danger and expressed his certainty, despite

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Science and fundamentalism are killing religion

Science is playing a steadily larger and more personal role in helping us tell the difference between what is and what ain’t. In that capacity it has undermined what many of us once expected religion to provide, inspiring an increasingly

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Evolution cannot be reconciled with traditional Christianity

Critics of evolution generally get one thing, and only that one thing, right. Christianity as we traditionally understand it cannot be reconciled with evolution. South Carolina State Senator Mike Fair is the latest politician to wade into this debate, arguing

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