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Good news on teen pregnancy is bad news for fundamentalists

Each new year brings a new low in the rate of teen pregnancy in the US. One might think that religious conservatives would be cheering this healthy trend, but they never mention it. The numbers look like a victory for

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A Hip Hop Republican breaks one off

Let me clear my throat… Being black and conservative is not easy. The left has a presumptive hold on “authentic blackness,” leaving black conservatives political isolated from their communities. As the Republican Party falls more and more deeply in love

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Your automated dinner

The list of jobs which cannot be automated continues to shrink, largely to the benefit of consumers. Milking machines have been reducing dairy costs for almost a century, but robotic technology is now being deployed to replace the dairy farmer.

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Why poverty matters for Republicans

Twenty trillion dollars is a lot of money. Absent a major course-correction or a sudden increase in economic growth, the US Federal debt will reach that level by 2017. Americans would consistently prefer to have Republicans, rather than Democrats address

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What a White Nationalist Renaissance looks like on a map

Americans are famously indifferent to history, but history refuses to return the favor. There are legacies from our past that refuse to release their grip no matter how stubbornly determined we are to ignore them. The New York Times posted

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Rand Paul almost embraces a winning strategy

With an audience of black children as a backdrop, Senator Rand Paul continued his effort to brand himself as the “outreach” Republican with a speech at a school in Chicago. His appearance was a maddening blend of everything right and

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Tea Party Congressman faces a Republican challenge

California’s open primary system is providing openings for centrists. The New York Times has an article this morning about a Republican challenger to Tea Party favorite Tom McClintock in California’s 4th Congressional District. The challenger, Art Moore, is almost guaranteed

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Easter Sunday and the future of organized religion

Easter is the Super Bowl of church, the weekend when people who ordinarily pay no attention to religious matters file into the pews in their Sunday finest before enjoying a nice ham dinner. However, even that tradition of occasional, ritual

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Protecting you from free tax filing

The astro-turf campaign by major tax preparers against the IRS’s plans to offer free online tax filing is descending into parody. For decades both Republicans and Democrats have campaigned around programs aimed to simplify tax compliance. Meanwhile the IRS has

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So where is all the growth?

Technology in our time is moving at a pace so fast it seems that only children have the time to stay current. This dizzying pace of progress is bringing wonder after wonder, so why is economic growth so sluggish? Economic

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