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The Mark Kirk Dilemma

Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk is a sound, rational, all-around decent guy who represents the best that the GOP has to offer. In 2010 I made phone calls, walked the precincts, and generally laid out to get him elected. It

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Hottest Year on Record

Of the four inescapable realities that Republicans are forbidden to acknowledge, climate change is by far the most lethal. After so many millennia of expanding dominance, nature has set a trap for us that we are uniquely ill-suited to avoid.

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Using markets to protect the environment

Operating an industrial boiler requires skill and experience in addition to the significant capital outlay required to obtain them. It also requires something else – adherence to a lengthy set of operating rules laid out and frequently updated by the

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Four true facts

The miserable state of the Republican Party can perhaps be understood through its response to four simple truths. Each item on this list is measurable, provable and broadly regarded as obvious. Failure to acknowledge these four truths means being as

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New EPA rules on carbon emissions

On June 2 the EPA will release its proposals designed to regulate carbon emissions from existing power plants. To put this in historical perspective, these new regulations come less than fifteen years after George W. Bush promised to deliver them

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How climate change is already affecting us

If you have tried to purchase a vacation home on Galveston Island in recent years, you may have discovered the crazy new insurance rules that are changing the real estate game. If the property you are purchasing did not survive

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The National Climate Assessment

The Federal government released its latest multi-agency report on climate change this week. The report is more bleak than past versions. Less and less of the climate change debate is focused on future projections as we start to experience the

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Another very hot January

The numbers are in and we just had another scorching January. From the National Climate Data Center at the NOAA: According to NOAA scientists, the globally-averaged temperature over land and ocean surfaces for January 2014 was the highest since 2007

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It’s cold, so there is no global warming

For those of us who are particularly proud of the power of representative government and free markets, climate change is a particularly painful issue to discuss. The challenge of human-influenced climate change plays on practically every weakness of our favorite

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The Danger in Republican Climate Denial

Climate change is an issue so uniquely suited to the needs of the dying global left that it feels too perfectly tailored to be a coincidence.  We are being asked to accept that the accumulating exhaust of the Industrial Revolution

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