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This Blue Marble

Forty-three years ago NASA completed the final Apollo mission, placing American astronauts on the surface of the moon for the last time. In honor of that program, our language still preserves the term “moonshot” to describe a venture of such

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Science and fundamentalism are killing religion

Science is playing a steadily larger and more personal role in helping us tell the difference between what is and what ain’t. In that capacity it has undermined what many of us once expected religion to provide, inspiring an increasingly

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When liberals abandon science and embrace organic quinoa

Conservatives in our era have a lunatic relationship to empirical reality. The miserably pathetic struggle of the right wing of the GOP to shut out the offensive noises emitted by scientists has become one of the central themes of our

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When Science Discovered God

If researchers discovered evidence of a God, would they recognize what they had found? After all, no one is likely to peer into a telescope and find a bearded deity staring back. When scientists find clear proof of some reality,

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