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Tips for Evaluating Science in a Policy Debate

Really interesting advice from the journal Nature: In this context, we suggest that the immediate priority is to improve policy-makers’ understanding of the imperfect nature of science. The essential skills are to be able to intelligently interrogate experts and advisers,

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Preparing for Thanksgiving: From the Onion

It’s that time again. Keep the conversation civil and focus on football. Let’s be careful out there… From the Onion: Siblings Gather Around PowerPoint To Hash Out Off-Limits Topics For Thanksgiving “As you can see here, we’re unsure whether or

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It’s Getting Harder to Love College Football

Our family Thanksgiving schedule will be a little lighter this year, with more harmony and fewer tears. We will no longer be forced to arrange travel plans and meals around events in College Station or Austin. The Longhorn – Aggie

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Steve Stockman is Finally Getting the Attention He Deserves

Steve Stockman’s financial affairs are just as bizarre as his politics. Stockman has pulled this stuff before. He was chased out of office in ’96 after only one miserable term, but like herpes, he just won’t go away.He became the

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If Republicans Were Capable Of Nuance

Originally posted on The Dish:
Millman imagines an ideal Republican response to the Iran agreement and To me, there’s an obvious way for the GOP to respond to both developments: run against as proof that Democrats can’t even build a website,…

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Youth Unemployment is Not What It Seems

Someone beat me to my next article. That’s what happens when you take time out to watch some football. Changes in the basic shape of a successful career may have a lot to do with both youth unemployment rates, and

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Will Quantum Computing Actually Work?

The story of the quantum computer is fascinating not just because of the technology involved, but because of its ties into politics, economic theory, corporate/government partnership, the government shutdown, the role of the religious right in undermining science education in

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The Fate of a Hip Hop Republican

Some of you know that my posts often appear on another blog,, along with a lot of very promising black Republicans. Congressman Trey Radel, who was just arrested for cocaine possession, posted a piece there a few weeks ago.

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Artur Davis: How the Right Turned Radical

Former Democratic Congressman Artur Davis is a guy Republicans should be paying a lot more attention to. What if we had someone in the party who had: 1) Defeated an African American liberal in a Congressional race 2) Won said

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What Comes After Obamacare

The GOP has embarked yet another desperate push to persuade the public that the Affordable Care Act is too flawed to tolerate. The far right wins this ill-conceived campaign they may be very, very disappointed when they see their prize.

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