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Link Roundup, May 31, 2016

From The New York Times: The left’s case against the basic income. In essence, “How would we survive without government controlling our every move?” Plus, he gets the math wrong. From The Atlantic: Oregon’s remarkably successful welfare programs. From The

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Reagan’s Speech at Pointe du Hoc

Ronald Reagan’s speech at Pointe du Hoc, Normandy, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.  

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The Voter Participation Powerslide

Republican voters support extending federal background checks for gun purchasers to gun shows and creating a federal database of gun owners. That news may come as a surprise given the positions taken by major Republican candidates. That’s just the beginning.

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Link Roundup, 5/26/2016

From the Washington Post: File this under ‘Duh’ – Marijuana decriminalization is causing a decline in drug trafficking. From Lucky Peach: A charming history of Pho. From Motherboard: Uber’s China Problem. From Gizmodo: Visualizing the scale of the Arctic heat

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Launching an Urban Republican Rebellion

There are heavily populated precincts in places like Boston, Camden, Baltimore and other Northern cities where fewer than ten people vote in Republican primaries. A decades-long influx of Southern Democrats alienated by their party’s support for desegregation has utterly transformed

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America’s Parliamentary Future

America marked a little-noticed milestone last year, as Paul Ryan became our first Prime Minister. Not unlike the head of a European Parliament, Ryan rose to leadership by assembling a coalition with a sub-party, the House Freedom Caucus. That sub-party

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Economics Roundup

Back in the saddle next week. In the meantime, here are some thoughts on Economics. Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahnemann described his first brush with Economics this way in his Book, Thinking, Fast and Slow: One day in the early

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Link Roundup for Monday, or whatever day this is

Greetings from tomorrow. Don’t worry, it’s gonna be fine. Here on the other side of the international date line life is good, but the clock can be confusing. Managed to get a few minutes to check in and thought I’d

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Dispatch from Hong Kong

Having a lot of fun on the other side of the world. Thought I’d post a few pics. Got a lot of writing done on the plane. After landing I reviewed said writing and realized it was mostly rubbish. Blaming

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Link Roundup, 5/10/16

It should be quiet around here for a while. However, facing roughly 40 hours of airplane time over the next two weeks, I expect to be able to do some thinking/writing. Here are a few links that caught my attention

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