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Small groups, big influence

The Houston Realty Business Coalition hosts monthly breakfast meetings featuring some of the most influential figures in state and local politics. Founded in 1967, the HRBC, formerly called the Houston Realty Breakfast Club, is an institutional hub for Houston’s business

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A Next Generation Republican Agenda

At some point soon, Republicans will be forced to develop a governing agenda built on something other than white paranoia, something with roots in real world problems and an emphasis on practical solutions. Hollow rhetoric that glorifies the rich while

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First We Must Understand our Problems…

Before Republicans can develop an intelligent platform to address Post-Cold War demands, we have to confront a changing world with clear eyes. The global political landscape has changed dramatically since the last time we gave it a serious look. Many

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Disorganized Religion

Anyone who has traveled in Europe may have experienced surprise at finding the pews of its beautiful, ancient churches occupied only by tourists.  After World War II religion slipped to the periphery of public life.  Europeans are commonly regarded as

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Confronting a Post-Middle Class America

If it seems like the middle class in America isn’t what it used to be perhaps that’s because it doesn’t exist anymore.  There is no longer a coherent block of Americans in the middle income range that shares a common

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Smart People, Stupid Politics

A friend shared with me some very disturbing information this week.  He has evidence that seems to suggest that the Sandy Hook school shooting was staged by the government as a pretext to take away our guns. This shocking news

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Our Most Overregulated Underregulated Industry

The Securities Act of 1933 is one of the most elegant and successful pieces of complex legislation in history.  In less than 60 pages it constructed a regulatory framework that would allow Wall Street to survive its self-immolation and re-emerge

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