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Goodbye, GOPLifer

The GOPLifer project has reached its end. I have created a new site called, where I’ll be joined by a few friends in posting new material. At GOPLifer I’ve tried to avoid first person writing. Now that it’s time

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Why the outrage now?

Mike Pence was reportedly “beside himself.” Paul Ryan disinvited the nominee from his big shindig in Wisconsin today. Rep. Chaffetz and other prominent Republicans publicly withdrew their support. Though a bit more profane than usual, the video is entirely consistent

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With a month to go…

NBC released a new national poll this morning that’s pretty consistent with the rest of the pack. It gives Clinton a six point lead over Trump, 46-40. It also shows Johnson at 9 and Stein at 3. We’re past the

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Over at Forbes – The toxic role of “moderates” in the GOP

As I’ve written previously, I campaigned for Illinois Senator, Mark Kirk, in 2010 and was pretty enthusiastic about his potential. Since then I have been bitterly disappointed to discover that I was just giving Ted Cruz one more vote in

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Link Roundup, 10/1/16

From Politico: Get ready for A LOT more of this as the firewall between politics and celebrity disintegrates – Curt Schilling says he’s planning to run against Elizabeth Warren for Senate. From Evonomics: Economics may finally be adapting. A look at

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