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Social media update

In an effort to keep up with the cool kids, this blog now has something of a social media strategy. There are extensions of GOPLifer available now on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook: Twitter: @GOPLifer Maybe someone can cook up

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The Texas Model

The Texas State Legislature is a living museum of political lunacy. It features a taste of every offering off the far right menu. Gold freaks, fundamentalists, racists, conspiracy theorists, guns nuts, if it has ever shown up in a Facebook

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Looking at the ’16 race, from four years ago

Four years ago this week, I posted the following piece explaining what we could expect from the 2016 race. Just sayin’. Original post is available at this link. Republicans are an orderly bunch.  For all the excitement generated by the

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Blueprint for Republican Reform: The Silent Majority

The GOP’s leading candidate for the White House has staked out a position that ties autism to vaccines. None of the candidates have firmly supported action in response to climate change and almost all of them express doubt that it’s

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Blueprint for Republican Reform: Candidates

Labor leader and Civil Rights activist Asa Philip Randolph met with President Roosevelt in 1940 to urge him to end discrimination in defense jobs. Roosevelt expressed support for Randolph’s goals then issued this challenge, “I agree with you. Now go

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Blueprint for Republican Reform: New Voters

Behind the Blue Wall, 2014 was a very difficult year for Republicans. In Illinois, the party needed to pick up one seat in the State Assembly to break the Democrats’ super-majority. We failed. The party’s candidate for the US Senate

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Link roundup for 9/16/15

Thanks to Gov. Abbott (I guess), Obama failed to conquer Texas with his Jade Helm gambit From the Atlantic, What College Football Means in the South Best Simpsons reference of the day: Why Bernie Sanders’ radical economic ideas could be

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A little sympathy for Ben Carson

A young black man raised by a single mother in Detroit survives a close brush with the criminal justice system. He stays in school, works hard and performs well. Turning down an offer from West Point, he attends Yale. From

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Blueprint for Republican Reform: Think Tanks

When Schoolhouse Rock described the process by which an idea becomes a law, they left out a few important steps. In the cartoon, earnest citizens recognize a problem in their community and call on their Congressman for help with a

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Blueprint for Republican Reform: Donors

The morning starts early with a run along the shore. Breakfast is on the patio overlooking the ocean where he scans through the morning’s news on his iPad. It’s small, three-bedroom house, but the sea view and the Marin County

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