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Link Roundup, 3/31/2016

From The Verge: Corporate Plutocrats are rescuing America…again. From GQ: Lawyer defending Trump’s campaign manager once bit a stripper. I mean, who hasn’t? From Quanta: Why Alpha Go is such a big deal. From Quartz: Antarctic ice melt is a

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Link Roundup, 3/29/2016

From the NY Times: California’s big experiment with the minimum wage. From The Week: Why we are so hostile to one of our best friends: Doubt. From The New Yorker: Dexter Filkins explores disappearing glaciers. From Wired: Look on the

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Blue State ‘clientelism’

Blue States are the epicenter of American capital investment and economic growth in the new economy. Republicans are supposed to the be the party of “big business” and commerce. Yet almost all new venture capital investment happens in Democratic-controlled regions.

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Trump Collapse Pool: March Update

Last July we started a GOPLifer comments-section pool to guess the date when Donald Trump’s campaign finally collapses. The winner would get a free copy of The Politics of Crazy. Here’s the definition of a ‘collapse’ for the purposes of

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Revenge of the Reality-Based Community

“I beheld the wretch — the miserable monster whom I had created.” Dr. Frankenstein Early in the second Bush Administration, even before the 9/11 attacks, reporters began to describe a strange pattern of delusion among aides and advisors. Any expression

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Link Roundup, 3/18/2016

From The Walrus: A deep dive into the worsening for-profit university scam. From the Washington Post: The economics of washing machines as a lens on inequality. From Gizmodo: Dominos’ quirky pizza delivery robot. From Quartz: Historical price comparisons of video

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Has Cruz started his 2020 campaign?

Last night’s results in the Republican primaries demonstrated the challenge the party faces in stopping Trump. Even with the loss in Ohio he gained significant ground. At this point it seems that only a collaborative strategy can stop him from

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Ending the era of the “job”

When my late grandmother was a girl in rural Arkansas, no one had a job. Everyone old enough to walk and carry a pail worked from dawn to dusk. Work was endless, cruel and utterly universal, but a “job” in

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Link Roundup, 3/10/2016

From Rolling Stone: Part one of a series on the accelerating development of artificial intelligence. From Eater: West Virginia lawmakers fall ill from drinking raw milk, right after legalizing the sale of raw milk. From Slate: In a reminder that

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Technology vs. Biology

Imagine for a moment that by next summer, through some miracle of capitalism, every product you purchase cost half as much as its price today. Every tire, every banana, every patio chair, every sheet of paper, the cost of all

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