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The American Prime Minister

One of Newt Gingrich’s first moves after gaining control of the House in 1994 was to cut off funding for Congressional caucuses or “Legislative Service Organizations” (LSO’s). News reports at the time focused on the impact this would have on

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A Portrait of Modern Racism

Huddled in the store’s back office, the employees tried to avoid being seen by the men who loomed outside. They were ready for this situation. A suspicious call earlier in the day inquiring about the store’s opening hours set the

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GOP AWOL in Presidential ground game

Perhaps at some point during the early stages of this campaign for the GOP Presidential nomination you found yourself wondering whether any of these yahoos are actually serious. Are they just selling a book or supporting their TV show? A

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A 4th Era of Capitalism

A century ago in 1916, after decades of deadly protests, union railroad workers won the right to an eight-hour a day, six-day work week. Other workers would not earn the same rights until 1933. The latest trend in corporate management

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How a Trump primary “win” could go sour

Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; It has been apparent for some time that the GOP is on a path to national irrelevance. No less a

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Link roundup, 10/19/15

A look at Homan Square, the Abu Ghraib of Chiraq. Graduating from High School in the Deep South. GOP primary candidates show up to church. Why Uber is investing in self-driving cars. A quick video explains the science and impact

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Link roundup, 10/15/15

Ron Paul is selling a home-school curriculum. No seriously, I’m not making this up. Ben Carson has been pitching nutritional supplements to cure cancer, marketed through a pyramid model. Today’s GOPLifer throwback from 2011: The Biggest Loser Guns don’t kill

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David Brooks finally looks out his window

Yesterday the New York Times played host to a strange event. In a piece communicated as a sort of public service message, commentator David Brooks declared that the Republican Party has become “naïve,” “cynical,” “bumbling,” and most of all, “incompetent.”

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Understanding Democratic Racism

Jeb Bush was recently pilloried for his characterization of the relationship between African-Americans and the Democratic Party. As insulting as his statement was, what’s worse is the lost opportunity it represents. “Our message is one of hope and aspiration. It

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Link roundup, 10/7/15

Episode #457 of “robots will take your job”: Today, journalists. Scientists are looking for effective regulation of their genetic research. Human evolution is continuing, perhaps even accelerating. Where is it heading? Dispatches from the fringes of Europe’s first failed state.

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