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If you can’t say anything nice…

Late last night Congress passed legislation that keeps the Department of Homeland Security funded – for one week. What does a week accomplish? For Republicans, absolutely nothing. Democrats on the other hand would be content to keep granting one week

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Link roundup

No time for a post, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff out there. A few highlights: Quartz: Why it’s un-American to get rid of AP US history class Washington Post: Marijuana may be even safer than previously thought, researchers

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Italians face terrorist threat

The best news item of the week comes from a Twitter hashtag. Islamic State militants have launched a new marketing campaign promising to conquer Rome. Italians have filled the feed with travel advice. A few samples: You could lose hours

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The Washington Post on Cruz’s chances

Journalists are starting to recognize the overall weakness of the GOP field and the potential of a Cruz candidacy. From the Washington Post this morning, Chris Cillizza, quoting a friend: He said that Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) had about the same

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Chief Justice Roy Moore is a Dixiecrat

Alabama’s Chief Justice, Roy “Standing in the Courthouse Door” Moore, has instructed the state’s probate officials to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The move comes in response to the Supreme Court’s refusal to stay a lower court’s decision striking

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The myths and realities of the Southern Strategy

Let’s recite the myth together. Richard Nixon, on the campaign trail in 1968, visits a Southern state and is shocked by the enthusiastic reception he receives. His campaign team scrambles to build a strategy that will tap into Southerner’s rage

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Dirty hands, vaccines and rape should be no-go zones

Why do major Republican figures keep saying stupid things? It’s one thing to trip into a gaffe or a misstatement. That happens to people who have to live in front of cameras all day long. What we’ve experienced just over

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