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Losing the culture war – by the numbers

Gallup released some interesting survey results this week on people’s views of the “moral acceptability” of a wide range of issues. Here’s the graphic from Gallup: Record high comfort levels with divorce and abortion are interesting, but the more interesting

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New EPA rules on carbon emissions

On June 2 the EPA will release its proposals designed to regulate carbon emissions from existing power plants. To put this in historical perspective, these new regulations come less than fifteen years after George W. Bush promised to deliver them

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The Reparations Article

The Atlantic’s article by Ta-Nehisi Coates on reparations is an absolute must-read for anyone who claims to have an informed opinion about racial matters. For that matter, it’s a must read for anyone with an interest in quality writing or

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A conservative looks at food trucks

The American Conservative Magazine may among the last places in America where anyone still remembers what the term “conservative” means. Yesterday they tackled the issue of food trucks in Alexandria, VA and as usual their approach is more thoughtful, nuanced,

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The outcome of the GOP “Civil War”

After last night’s round of primaries, David Frum issued the definitive statement on the GOP’s short and largely meaningless civil war. His tweet: Post-primary GOP deal: donors choose the candidates; Tea Party writes their message. Texas and a few other

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The changing economics of home ownership

Though home prices across much of the nation have recovered their pre-crash levels, the volume of transactions is still less than half what it was at the peak of the boom, and still well below historical norms. The number of

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How climate change is already affecting us

If you have tried to purchase a vacation home on Galveston Island in recent years, you may have discovered the crazy new insurance rules that are changing the real estate game. If the property you are purchasing did not survive

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The World is Getting Better…Much Better

Our attention is nearly always focused on what’s wrong with the world for good reason. Our problems, not our achievements, demand our most immediate attention. It pays sometimes to step back and look at what’s working. Things do get better.

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Who really controls our politics?

Who is really running America? The Koch Brothers? George Soros? The Illuminati? The Lizard People? Researchers studying the question have found the answer – American politics is dominated by “the 1%.” Trouble is, this is not the 1% you are

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The National Climate Assessment

The Federal government released its latest multi-agency report on climate change this week. The report is more bleak than past versions. Less and less of the climate change debate is focused on future projections as we start to experience the

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