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This is not a close election

There were a lot of good reasons for Monday Night Football to cancel its experiment with Dennis Miller in the booth. Nobody understood his obscure references, he used too many big words, and his shtick was a consistent distraction from

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Politics of the past

Submitted for your consideration: Grassroots activists in both parties are determined to nominate a candidate who will roll back fifty years of American history and do it all differently. Polls show that the race for the Republican nomination is a

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Why remain in the GOP?

For the past several months, polls indicate that a solid majority of Republican voters plan to support Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or Ben Carson. Congress under Republican leadership has devolved into a freak show of conspiracy hunters and religious eccentrics,

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GOP AWOL in Presidential ground game

Perhaps at some point during the early stages of this campaign for the GOP Presidential nomination you found yourself wondering whether any of these yahoos are actually serious. Are they just selling a book or supporting their TV show? A

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How a Trump primary “win” could go sour

Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; It has been apparent for some time that the GOP is on a path to national irrelevance. No less a

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Looking at the ’16 race, from four years ago

Four years ago this week, I posted the following piece explaining what we could expect from the 2016 race. Just sayin’. Original post is available at this link. Republicans are an orderly bunch.  For all the excitement generated by the

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Blueprint for Republican Reform: Ideology

When dissident Democrats decided to work together, outside the official structure of their party, to launch an energetic, modern response to Reagan’s sweeping victories their first step was to build a statement of beliefs. Although that statement was starkly at

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A look at the 2016 Senate Races

With any hope of retaking the White House slipping behind the big Blue Ball, Republicans badly need to retain the Senate. Regardless of what happens to the House, another four-to-eight years of Democratic control of the Presidency promises a massive

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Georgia as a swing state

Georgia was a fat disappointment for Democrats in 2014. Years of demographic transformation seemed to be opening new opportunities. A dominant bloc of aging white conservatives that had recently pivoted from the Democratic Party to the GOP appeared to be

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Exploring the Blue Wall: New Hampshire

New Hampshire appears to have moved solidly behind the Blue Wall. Despite the small number of electoral votes at stake, this is a pretty disturbing development. New Hampshire is not like California or Virginia. The state hasn’t changed much in

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