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Looking back on GOPLifer predictions

From its beginnings after the 2008 election, the GOPLifer project was driven by foreboding. Republicans had, through a combination of denial and neglect, allowed dangerous forces to build. Absent some drastic intervention from the party’s sharper, braver minds, it seemed

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A reformicon gets woke

Not so long ago Avik Roy was a rising star on the right. A graduate of MIT and the Yale School of Medicine, Roy wrote the only credible conservative counter-proposal to the Affordable Care Act. Along with Reihan Salam, Yuval

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From Strom Thurmond to Donald Trump: How the GOP Rose and Fell

On Tuesday, the Party of Lincoln nominated for President a reality TV star with no government experience or policy platform who has been enthusiastically endorsed by the KKK and other white nationalist groups. Though an extreme outcome, this is not

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The Voter Participation Powerslide

Republican voters support extending federal background checks for gun purchasers to gun shows and creating a federal database of gun owners. That news may come as a surprise given the positions taken by major Republican candidates. That’s just the beginning.

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Why Trump is Worse than Cruz

John Boehner admitted, “I’ve never worked with a more miserable son of bitch in my life” and went on to describe Ted Cruz as “Lucifer in the flesh.” In the Senate, Cruz suggested that fellow Republican Chuck Hagel might be

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The GOP crackup may be starting

Rep. David Jolly, a Florida Republican Congressman who wants to replace Marco Rubio in the Senate, took to the House floor yesterday to call on Trump to drop out. Leaders of the state party in all three of the early

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Why remain in the GOP?

For the past several months, polls indicate that a solid majority of Republican voters plan to support Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or Ben Carson. Congress under Republican leadership has devolved into a freak show of conspiracy hunters and religious eccentrics,

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Terror hype does not work anymore

If some evil mastermind devised a plan to not only destroy Republican hopes for the 2016 Election but also threaten the party’s continued existence, his plot might have included the Paris attacks and the Syrian refugee crisis. It would be

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David Brooks finally looks out his window

Yesterday the New York Times played host to a strange event. In a piece communicated as a sort of public service message, commentator David Brooks declared that the Republican Party has become “naïve,” “cynical,” “bumbling,” and most of all, “incompetent.”

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Blueprint for Republican Reform: Candidates

Labor leader and Civil Rights activist Asa Philip Randolph met with President Roosevelt in 1940 to urge him to end discrimination in defense jobs. Roosevelt expressed support for Randolph’s goals then issued this challenge, “I agree with you. Now go

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