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Do not stab the Nazis

When is it OK to attack a Nazi? This should be a dumb question, but the Trump campaign has awkwardly placed this moral conundrum at the center of our political system. After months spent encouraging his supporters (including many Neo-Nazis) to

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Dark matter skews the gun control equation

America extended its towering global leadership in mass murder over the weekend. A man gunned down his wife and four daughters in Roswell, New Mexico, raising this year’s toll of mass-shooting incidents to 133. You may not have heard about

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Election 2016: The Mythbusters Post

In an effort to fill a 24 hour news cycle while equipped with only 20 minutes of newsworthy content, cable news has veered into some pretty dodgy territory in this election cycle. We are not facing a very interesting or

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Harriet Tubman rescues Hamilton

When the Treasury announced that Alexander Hamilton might be removed from the $10 bill, it was a gut-punch to many traditional Republicans. Hamilton is the underrated star of the early Republic. The intellect behind George Washington, the first American economist,

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Why Republicans should brace for a contested convention

Republican commentators have dismissed concerns over a contested convention with a hand-waving reference to “winner-take-all” primaries later in the calendar. Like so much of the rest of Republican reasoning, that confidence is built on a set of factual assumptions not

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Mind the gap in Iowa

As a stepping-stone to the GOP nomination the Iowa Caucus is a consistently overrated event. This season may be different. In 2016 the caucus takes on unusual importance as our first gauge of the durability of Trump’s campaign. One metric

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Politics of the past

Submitted for your consideration: Grassroots activists in both parties are determined to nominate a candidate who will roll back fifty years of American history and do it all differently. Polls show that the race for the Republican nomination is a

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A survey of Trump’s Illinois delegates

A few weeks ago I speculated that the Trump campaign would fail to submit a full slate of delegates for the Republican primary in Illinois. On Monday, he beat the odds and delivered a complete application…sorta. Judging from the ragtag

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Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and the Triumph of Entertainment

Listen carefully as enthusiasts describe the appeal of Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump and a disturbing pattern emerges. You won’t hear much about policy proposals. You won’t hear much about competence or qualifications for the job. Nobody in either camp

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Our Next Republican President

Finding a gap in the Blue Wall was going to be nearly impossible in 2016 no matter who the party nominated. As the primary process descends into the political equivalent of a toxic waste spill, that goal has receded from

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