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A warning from Flint

Awkwardly posed and absurdly oversized, it’s a monument you’d expect to find on a journey through some decaying, post-Soviet kleptocracy. Flint’s former mayor finally posted this bronze statue of himself at the entrance to his grand estate after the city

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Ending the ‘Politics of Crazy’

Our most frustrating and dangerous political problems are emerging from the tension between complexity and liberty. The rising tide of crazy sweeping across our political landscape reflects a single core difficulty. The 20th century bureaucratic regulatory state simply does not

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Small groups, big influence

The Houston Realty Business Coalition hosts monthly breakfast meetings featuring some of the most influential figures in state and local politics. Founded in 1967, the HRBC, formerly called the Houston Realty Breakfast Club, is an institutional hub for Houston’s business

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First We Must Understand our Problems…

Before Republicans can develop an intelligent platform to address Post-Cold War demands, we have to confront a changing world with clear eyes. The global political landscape has changed dramatically since the last time we gave it a serious look. Many

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