The Best Political Blogs in Houston

The rowdy little community we’ve built here around the GOPLifer blog has been a rewarding experience for me and hopefully you’re enjoying it too. There is a place for thoughtful, analytic writing and that’s what I try to do with this blog.

Other writers however are using blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other integrated social media to help voters stay informed about the local races that affect their readers’ lives. They move people to action, building a platform for effective political organization. All political differences aside, I deeply admire what they are doing. As the primaries approach, these guys and others like them deserve a close read.

Houstonians David Jennings and Charles Kuffner operate the best political blogs I have seen anywhere. They deliver insightful information on down ballot races, the ones that determine the shape of our political map, while covering other local matters that are generally overlooked by major media.

What I do at the GOPLifer blog requires some thought and occasional research. What they do demands constant in-person engagement. They face the people they write about. They are accountable for their positions and opinions on terms that I and other “opinion” bloggers seldom face.

I envy the work they are doing and I regret not being able (okay, willing) to invest the kind of intense personal capital in public service that they are demonstrating. I go to my monthly party meetings. I walk the neighborhood handing out fliers at election time. But I’m not spending free time attending clubs, going to fundraisers, and sinking into the details of local political life they way they do.

Regardless of your politics, if you live in Houston David & Charles’ posts should be a must-read. With so much of the critical infrastructure of our political system weakening, these guys offer a model for how things might all work out for the better.

Chris Ladd is a Texan living in the Chicago area. He has been involved in grassroots Republican politics for most of his life. He was a Republican precinct committeeman in suburban Chicago until he resigned from the party and his position after the 2016 Republican Convention. He can be reached at gopliferchicago at gmail dot com.

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29 comments on “The Best Political Blogs in Houston
  1. Tuttabella says:

    Off topic — this actually goes back to the thread about whether technology causes unemployment. There was a book from the ’80s called the Four-Hour Work DAY — NOT the more recent book called the Four-Hour Work WEEK. That book talked of how having a shorter work day made workers more efficient, that they would prioritize better knowing they had only 4 hours to get things done, and having the other 4 hours of free, personal time to look forward to. And yes, they would be paid the equivalent of 8 hours.

    If we have 8 hours to get things done, we’re likely to stretch out our workload in order to fill those 8 hours, work that we might be able to accomplish in 4. Better to do whatever possible to get the work done in 4 hours, and then have the other 4 hours to devote to personal pursuits.

    The current situation of being hyper-connected and working 24/7 is not necessarily very efficient, because now we’re likely to waste time at work knowing we have “all the time in the world” to complete our tasks, to stretch out our workload even more, and that results in our never being able to truly rest and relax.

    This, of course, doesn’t apply to every type of job, not even to every type of office job, but I think it’s always helpful to draw a line between work and leisure time, in order to maximize the quality of both.

  2. desperado says:

    Chris and kabuzz are a good example of the divide in the GOP, the battle between the more traditional Republican approach and the Tea Party mindset. Both are active in party politics, one in Illinois and one in Texas, but they couldn’t be farther apart on just about every issue. What sells to Republicans in Illinois would never fly in Texas and vice versa. An Illinois Democrat and a Texas Democrat might have some minor variation but nothing like what exists on the GOP side of the aisle.

    • DanMan says:

      well if tossing aside any semblance of fiscal acumen (or honesty) and embracing collectivism is what passes for the GOP I have no regard for the party either. Chris is only concerned with making the GOP better by embracing democrat policies. That notion of improvement makes him a democrat. David Frum calls himself a repub and promoted and voted for Obama twice. Same deal.

      • desperado says:

        Maybe you should read what you write. You said:

        “Chris is only concerned with making the GOP better by embracing democrat policies.”

        Chris’ positions are in line with Ike and more so with Kemp. Hence the reference.

      • John Galt says:

        The GOP has never had a semblance of fiscal acumen and the TP has no semblance of fiscal honesty, so it mystifies me why you would single this out as a difference between the two parties. At least the Dems basically admit that they’d like to redistribute some wealth.

      • DanMan says:

        Yeah right Craig. Just like them. You endorse Obama’s lies and make up your own fantasies about what others think. Just more of the same.

        And JG, whatevs. I don’t expect a liberal to ever change their view, I can only point the absurdity. And yes, your precedent has said on many occasions he wants to steal from some to buy his votes. I can’t imagine why you would endorse that other than you agree with a fellow traveler. Taking from some that earned to give to others that expect something for nothing is not my way of helping the situation.

      • Texan5142 says:

        ” I don’t expect a liberal to ever change their view, I can only point the absurdity”

        The irony…it burns.

      • desperado says:

        Dan, I’m worried about you. You seem to be a little unhinged lately, I mean more than usual. Maybe some counseling or medication might help.

      • DanMan says:

        despo, you’ve been calling me unhinged since after you buried your sensible Desperado’s Outpost blog but before you took your sabbatical after getting exposed as taking talking points from Obama’s camp while mercilessly attacking Hillary.

        It was something to see Me, Dirty Don and you agree on so many issues and watch you morph into what you became after declaring the Chronicle invited you to blog for them. I’m the same ‘ol guy I used to be, I haven’t changed a bit. I’m still doin’ the rumba baby…

      • DanMan says:

        Telling that your archives start at August 2008 since you’ve maintained your efforts. Link some of the stuff from 6 months earlier. You and elboobybob were crowing about destroying her and once that was done you turned your fire on the repubs.

      • desperado says:

        That was 6 years ago. Let it go.

      • DanMan says:

        so you were lying to yourself? it all makes sense now doesn’t it? thanks for playing

    • desperado says:

      Collectivism? Seriously? You’ve spent too much time in SparkleLand.

      Was Ike a Democrat? Was Jack Kemp? But go ahead. Keep demanding party purity and strict adherence to Tea Party doctrine. That is, if you like being outside the White House looking in.

      • DanMan says:

        I have no party right now. What the hey does Jack Kemp and Eisenhower have to do with it?

      • Turtles Run says:

        “I have no party right now.”

        That is a good one. He has no party but BSABSVR – “Both Sides Are Bad, So Vote Republican.”

        “What the hey does Jack Kemp and Eisenhower have to do with it?”

        They were moderates that put the needs of the nation above party purity.

  3. Tuttabella says:

    Good morning, Mr. Lifer. From reading Kabuzz’s comments, I’ve picked up that he’s actively involved in politics and regularly attends rallies and meetings, doing those things that you envy, although from the Tea Party side. You normally dismiss him, but could it be that he’s actually outdone you, simply by being more active?

    • kabuzz61 says:

      Tutt, it is far easier to throw stones at those who do but those that don’t haven’t any idea, motivation or fervor. You have to walk the talk. Thank you for your kind words but GOPLifer will never positively acknowledge a GOP/TEA Party person.

    • goplifer says:

      Yes. And in that sense, both he and I, in opposite ways are the poster children for the declining effectiveness of the American political system.

      • Tuttabella says:

        I clicked on the link and read your blog entry. I would say that another factor in addition to time, money, and sheer will is the social aspect, and I don’t mean the ability to network. Political activism requires a certain level of extroversion. Politics is for the outgoing, for social animals. You have to be a people person.

      • Bobo Amerigo says:

        I’ve joined political parties, made phone calls, demonstrated, participated in registration drives and donated a little money now and again.

        I think money is more important than any action any single individual might do.

        For better or worse, people with lots of money simply have more influence than the rest of us.

        Truly, many Americans are disenfranchised because of the large amount of money in our election processes.

      • flypusher says:

        “Political activism requires a certain level of extroversion”

        Politics is no land for introverts.

      • Bobo Amerigo says:

        I also think it’s a tough place for single people.

        After all the slings and arrows, day after day, if you didn’t have someone on your side who simply liked you and let you know, it would be a depleting existence.

      • kabuzz61 says:

        To be active in politics in the precinct level does not require extrovert’s. You simply run on the ticket and if you win you represent your party for your area. You then hold the precinct convention which you chair. Then pick delegates to go to the district convention. From there precinct chairs go onto to the state convention. No where in the timeline is money required but input is great. Deals are made.

      • Tuttabella says:

        Kabuzz, you say “deals are made?” Is that a euphemism for “compromise??” I thought the Tea Party didn’t engage in such a thing.

  4. Owl of Bellaire says:

    Charles Kuffner and I were near-classmates at Rice. He’s always been a keenly intelligent and highly motivated fellow.

    • DanMan says:

      oh yeaeth! it’s the Perv of Bellaire. Valhala, ’93, freestyle. Please try to refrain from talking about my anatomy when you lose it this time.

    • flypusher says:

      “Charles Kuffner and I were near-classmates at Rice. He’s always been a keenly intelligent and highly motivated fellow.”

      I know him. Fun guy, very sharp, always very interesting to talk to.

  5. DanMan says:

    yer welcome

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