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The Best Political Blogs in Houston

The rowdy little community we’ve built here around the GOPLifer blog has been a rewarding experience for me and hopefully you’re enjoying it too. There is a place for thoughtful, analytic writing and that’s what I try to do with

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Same sex marriage in Texas

For two decades, since Steven Hotze pushed Betsy Lake out as chairman of the Harris County GOP, religious activists locally and nationally have pushed the Republican Party into indefensible, bigoted, and ultimately futile stands on a whole series of “culture”

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Two Houston landmarks were lost in 2013

Houston lost an irreplaceable chunk of what makes the town unique in 2013. Both Blanco’s and Marfreless closed their doors. Blanco’s was the last real honky tonk in Houston. A shack in a dusty lot smack dab in the heart

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The Cost of Living in Houston

Houston is famously cheap. Gov. Perry is buying radio ads touting the benefits of cheap to Yankees who may be puzzled by Texas’ success in delivering such a wondrously low cost of living. As a Texan in exile, I can fill

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