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Gingrich gets the RINO treatment

Newt Gingrich expressed surprise over the weekend at the ugly feedback he received over his praise of Nelson Mandela. Gingrich apparently still doesn’t understand the monster he helped to create. James Antle at The American Conservative has a great summary

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The Minimum Wage Distraction

This week the President once again rolled out the Minimum Wage Gambit. We’ve been over this ground before at the Lifer blog, but it’s worth repeating. The proposal is pointless in practical terms since it can’t become law and wouldn’t

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The Future of the Democratic Party

For those tired of hearing me rail about the problems in the GOP, an excellent long-form piece in The Atlantic explores the history of teh Democratic Party and challenges they face: Over the previous 12 years the party itself had

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The Kids Are Alright

An entire genre has emerged around the neurotic concern that there is something wrong with “Millennials.” It’s as absurd as those concerns are in every generation, but it’s particularly galling coming from a generation of people who once refused to

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Why the Right Has Such Lousy Information

You have to be a certain age to remember the days when Republicans tended to be better informed and more rational than their opponents. Back before the conservative media complex took on its present shape, conservatives constructed their vision of

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