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Look at the average age of that crowd

If you’ve been wondering why Wendy Davis and the rest of the Texas Dems seem so cheery while getting drubbed, look at the average age of that crowd:   Bring the ruckus. — Wendy Davis (@WendyDavisTexas) November 4, 2014

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Why Sorenson will go to jail and Perry won’t

Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson pled guilty this week to Federal charges that are likely to send him to prison. The influential Tea Party Senator accepted $73,000 from the Ron Paul campaign in 2012 to shift his endorsement from Michele

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A state-by-state look at migration patterns

The New York Times published some fascinating visualizations of US migration patterns. They are worth a look. A few highlights: Hardly anybody moves to Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama except for people trying to escape one of the other two states

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The New Texas GOP Platform – Now with More Crazy!

It gets better every election cycle. After holding it back for a couple of weeks to let the attention die down, the Texas GOP released their shiny new 2014 platform this week and it’s a humdinger. There is probably a

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Greta van Sustern attacks Erick Erickson over Wendy Davis remarks

It is rude to say I told you so. Therefore I won’t do that. The nominees for the Texas Governor’s race have not even been selected yet, but Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis is already creating a rhetorical pileup in

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Wendy Davis is a Republican Nightmare

Texas is a solidly Republican State that hasn’t elected a Democrat to statewide office since 1994. With Gov. Rick Perry stepping down to devote some personal time to remembering what that third thing was, the way is clear for his

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Remembering Martin Luther King on Confederate Heroes Day

Today is Confederate Heroes Day in Texas. If it seems like a strange coincidence that Confederate Heroes Day is placed awkwardly close to the date we celebrate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, that’s because it’s not a coincidence.

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Two Houston landmarks were lost in 2013

Houston lost an irreplaceable chunk of what makes the town unique in 2013. Both Blanco’s and Marfreless closed their doors. Blanco’s was the last real honky tonk in Houston. A shack in a dusty lot smack dab in the heart

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What ever happened to the Amero?

Remember when the dollar was about to be replaced by the Amero? For a couple of years starting around 2005, the secret emergence of the Amero as a unified currency for the US, Canada, and Mexico was one of the

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Republicans are haunted by The Stockman Effect

Sen. John Cornyn has built a successful career surfing the fickle tides of the far right nutjob fringe. That’s a remarkable challenge for a polished, well-educated, relatively sane guy who has seen a lot of the world. Cornyn’s talents were

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