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Do not stab the Nazis

When is it OK to attack a Nazi? This should be a dumb question, but the Trump campaign has awkwardly placed this moral conundrum at the center of our political system. After months spent encouraging his supporters (including many Neo-Nazis) to

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Monday is Confederate Heroes Day in Texas

In 1973 the Illinois Legislature was the first in the nation to create an official holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. That same year, the Texas Legislature responded to calls for a celebration of MLK’s life and work in

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The Tension between Civil Rights and Limited Government

When Congress passed the Johnson-Era Civil Rights Acts, America began an unprecedented expansion of personal liberty that reached far beyond the black community. For the first time ever, the meritocratic ideals that have always rested at the foundation of the

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Remembering Martin Luther King on Confederate Heroes Day

Today is Confederate Heroes Day in Texas. If it seems like a strange coincidence that Confederate Heroes Day is placed awkwardly close to the date we celebrate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, that’s because it’s not a coincidence.

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Alex Haley’s Interview with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Daily Beast republished an interview with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. done by Alex Haley in 1965 for Playboy magazine. So much of our memory of Dr. King is bound up in his 1963 speech in Washington and the

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