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The Politics of Crazy at the DNC

After the bizarre, ranting spectacle of the GOP convention, the Democrats’ gathering in Philadelphia was a breath of fresh air. Their celebrities were actual celebrities. Their business and political leaders were actual leadership figures in the real world, not just

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Bernie Sanders: Heartless Scrooge

Bernie Sanders announced layoffs of almost half of his staffers this week as the campaign prepares for the final primaries. The move makes sense. As Sanders himself explained, “We have had a very large staff, which was designed to deal

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Bernie Sanders and the Blue Wall

A pattern was evident in the results from the 2014 Election. Though the prevailing narrative focused on the number of Republican victories, a close look at the map revealed the culmination of a long, dangerous trend for the party. Those

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Only Democrats can send Trump to the White House

While Republicans celebrated their victory in the 2014 midterm elections, a nasty surprise was hiding in the numbers. That election marked a tipping point in a disastrous demographic transition initiated and driven by the GOP itself. A decades-long focus on

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Democrats and the Politics of Crazy

Over the past two decades America’s second political party has devolved into a circus of the bizarre, an open revolt against reality. As the tide of crazy swamps the GOP, many on the left entertain fantasies of an impending Republican

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