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Beyond jobs

Does capitalism, with its accompanying technological disruptions, create more jobs than it destroys? Conventional wisdom says unequivocally “yes.” Each new wave of innovation eventually brings new jobs in number and value far greater than those it displaces. Telegraph readers become

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Ending the era of the “job”

When my late grandmother was a girl in rural Arkansas, no one had a job. Everyone old enough to walk and carry a pail worked from dawn to dusk. Work was endless, cruel and utterly universal, but a “job” in

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Technology vs. Biology

Imagine for a moment that by next summer, through some miracle of capitalism, every product you purchase cost half as much as its price today. Every tire, every banana, every patio chair, every sheet of paper, the cost of all

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Perhaps if we understood the minimum wage…

Jeb Bush, who is trying to brand himself as the sane alternative to the Republican Presidential field, just backed the repeal of the Federal minimum wage. So, that’s that. Meanwhile, there is still time for Republicans to prepare a credible

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Your automated dinner

The list of jobs which cannot be automated continues to shrink, largely to the benefit of consumers. Milking machines have been reducing dairy costs for almost a century, but robotic technology is now being deployed to replace the dairy farmer.

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First We Must Understand our Problems…

Before Republicans can develop an intelligent platform to address Post-Cold War demands, we have to confront a changing world with clear eyes. The global political landscape has changed dramatically since the last time we gave it a serious look. Many

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