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Is Politics Becoming Irrelevant?

Trump’s poll numbers have actually swelled since the debate. Executive management at Fox News reached out to Trump to officially kiss his gold-plated kiester and ask him to keep it up. The TMZ of broadcast journalism is now drowning the

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That time I helped Trump win the nomination

This is an awkward story. The longer the Trump campaign rolls on the more it bothers me. Time to get this off my chest. Our tale begins long ago in a simpler age. Phones had wires, MTV played music videos,

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Enter the Trump Collapse Pool

If you haven’t entered our pool to guess the date when the Trump campaign collapses, this might be a good time. See the current entries and share your guess here:

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The European Model

Life in the social democracies of Western Europe is nice…really nice. Beautifully neat, well-organized cities are connected via plentiful and inexpensive mass transit. Work-life balance is an obsessive cultural priority. European countries feature six weeks of paid vacation, maternity leave,

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A look at the 2016 Senate Races

With any hope of retaking the White House slipping behind the big Blue Ball, Republicans badly need to retain the Senate. Regardless of what happens to the House, another four-to-eight years of Democratic control of the Presidency promises a massive

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The Planned Parenthood Video Scam Will Backfire – Again

It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing. A short time ago a shell organization associated with Operation Rescue hatched a brilliant plan. These geniuses would use hidden camera footage to prove that

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