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Obamacare and Waterloo revisited

As I’ve written before, our method of financing health care creates serious, unnecessary obstacles to entrepreneurship and innovation. In the name of avoiding “Socialism” we have created enormous obstacles to Capitalism with serious consequences for those trapped in our dying

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What Comes After Obamacare

The GOP has embarked yet another desperate push to persuade the public that the Affordable Care Act is too flawed to tolerate. The far right wins this ill-conceived campaign they may be very, very disappointed when they see their prize.

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Complexity Demands Smaller Government

The Affordable Care Act is 2409 pages of largely technical language.  It’s the equivalent of about two and half Bibles consisting only of the ‘Jehasephat begat Flimflameram’ passages.  Most of it reads like this: (1) GENERAL COST-SHARING LIMITATIONS.—Section 1916 of

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Universal Health Care for the Ownership Society

Sooner or later, Republicans will be forced to offer a pragmatic alternative to the Affordable Care Act. We haven’t done this because health care is a miserable political swamp for the GOP. It forces us out of our comfort zone,

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