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Frontline on Lee Harvey Oswald

Frontline does it again. Maybe the best documentary ever on the Kennedy Assassination. Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald

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We Keep Outrunning “The Future”

Walter Kronkite recorded this vision of a fantastic, sci-fi future back in 1969. This “computerized communications console” is what a man might use to do work in the 21st Century, because in the future men do the work. He can

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Preparing for a Post-Jobs Economy

The software company VMware has roughly the same market value as General Motors. VMware has 13,000 employees. GM employs almost a quarter of a million people. In addition to the current workforce, GM supports roughly half a million retired workers

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My Favorite Republican

The lost hero of modern conservatism was a charismatic maverick who represented the best hope for the post-Cold War Republican Party.  He gave us an opportunity to build the Party’s center-right posture into a post-racial juggernaut that could have dominated

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Where the Crazy May Be Coming From

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke Our politics is getting weird.  We’ve always struggled against opportunism and corruption and lying.  But the fresh rise of what can only fairly be described as “crazy” is

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Can the GOP Survive Without an Enemy?

Senator Ted Cruz raised eyebrows earlier this year by implying that Sec. of Defense nominee and former GOP Senator Chuck Hagel might be on the North Korean payroll. Last year Congressman Allen West found 81 members on the Communist Party

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Ann Coulter is the Andy Kaufman of Politics

Andy Kaufman is remembered as a comedian, but that’s only a default label.  We haven’t coined a term for what he did for a living.  His most popular role was the one he hated most, playing the lovable Latka Gravas on

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How Fundamentalists and Libertarians Buried the Hatchet

Rand Paul is an unlikely fundamentalist hero.  He was a rebel in his days at deeply religious Baylor University, apparently forming some sort of half-sarcastic, anti-religious student group.  He’s a libertarian who quotes Ayn Rand and hasn’t denied his past

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The End of America…Again

In British tradition there is a one-line statement that announces the passing of a monarch: “The King is dead. Long live the King.” A political institution with a 1500 year history spanning war, conquest, and in several instances its own

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Disorganized Religion

Anyone who has traveled in Europe may have experienced surprise at finding the pews of its beautiful, ancient churches occupied only by tourists.  After World War II religion slipped to the periphery of public life.  Europeans are commonly regarded as

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