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Gun control is easy

After witnessing yet another pointless mass horror, this is the point in the process where we reflect on how impossible it is to limit gun violence in America. If we are ever going to break this miserable cycle of violence,

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Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and the Triumph of Entertainment

Listen carefully as enthusiasts describe the appeal of Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump and a disturbing pattern emerges. You won’t hear much about policy proposals. You won’t hear much about competence or qualifications for the job. Nobody in either camp

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Ending the ‘Politics of Crazy’

Our most frustrating and dangerous political problems are emerging from the tension between complexity and liberty. The rising tide of crazy sweeping across our political landscape reflects a single core difficulty. The 20th century bureaucratic regulatory state simply does not

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Democrats and the Politics of Crazy

Over the past two decades America’s second political party has devolved into a circus of the bizarre, an open revolt against reality. As the tide of crazy swamps the GOP, many on the left entertain fantasies of an impending Republican

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Excerpt from The Politics of Crazy: The Influence of Money

One of the factors that serves to limit public enthusiasm for politics is the general belief that money rules all. Money matters in our politics, but not as much as most people think. More surprisingly, money matters less now than

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Excerpt from The Politics of Crazy: “Do Something”

This blog, and the first book it’s inspired, came out of a desire to “do something” about a set of political conditions that caused me concern. One of the problems that struck me is the way our lifestyle seems to

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My first book is available now

Here’s a little secret about the GOPLifer blog. For almost seven years, you folks have been helping me write a book. Now it’s available as an ebook from Amazon at this location, Since you helped write it, you’ll have

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