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Why remain in the GOP?

For the past several months, polls indicate that a solid majority of Republican voters plan to support Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or Ben Carson. Congress under Republican leadership has devolved into a freak show of conspiracy hunters and religious eccentrics,

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Link roundup for Thanksgiving weekend

A few significant things happened while America watched football this weekend. Commentators are finally starting to notice a strange trend in American life. The innovation economy is not only creating income inequality, it is concentrating the bulk of income growth

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A Golden Age

Through the narrow lanes of Trastevere a young man, newly arrived from the countryside, carries heavy amphorae uphill from the docks. He will do this all day, every day, for as far into the future as he can contemplate. No

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Terror hype does not work anymore

If some evil mastermind devised a plan to not only destroy Republican hopes for the 2016 Election but also threaten the party’s continued existence, his plot might have included the Paris attacks and the Syrian refugee crisis. It would be

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There is only one endgame in Syria

Events in Paris have underlined what we should have already understood. US and NATO intervention in Syria is as inevitable as the sunrise. As in Bosnia twenty years ago, every additional day Assad remains in power will cost months or

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Link Roundup, 11/14/15

From The American Conservative: David Vitter might lose the Governor’s race in Louisiana, setting up a fascinating Senate campaign next year. From Quartz: How terrorism spreads by breeding savage behavior in its targets. Evolution wins again. From the Priceonomics blog:

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Busing Created the Tea Party

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. This fundamentally conservative adage has haunted efforts to break down racial barriers to public education in America. When impatience with the slow pace of school desegregation reached its peak in the

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Update on our Trump Collapse Pool

Back in July we launched a pool to guess when Donald Trump’s campaign collapses. The winner or winners would receive their very free copy of The Politics of Crazy. Those who predicted that Trump would soldier on through the convention

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Republicans’ demographic trap on display

Voters in Houston yesterday rejected a city ordinance that would have allowed perverts to molest little girls in public bathrooms with impunity. At least that’s what your grandmother’s Facebook post said. You are skeptical of Nana’s consistently batty claims, but

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Worst. Referendum. Ever.

Ohio voters will decide today whether to approve Issue 3, an amendment to their state constitution, via referendum, which would legalize marijuana in the state. Sounds great right? Get ready to vomit on your keyboard. Along with legalization, Issue 3

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