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Complexity Demands Smaller Government

The Affordable Care Act is 2409 pages of largely technical language.  It’s the equivalent of about two and half Bibles consisting only of the ‘Jehasephat begat Flimflameram’ passages.  Most of it reads like this: (1) GENERAL COST-SHARING LIMITATIONS.—Section 1916 of

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Does the Tea Party Have Scots-Irish Roots?

Grandma said we’re Scots-Irish.  The answer didn’t help much with my fourth grade class project on ancestry since she couldn’t tell me much more about it.  “That’s what my Grandfather said we are,” she explained in that tone which meant

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The Very First Tea Party Speech

The Tea Party movement plainly has roots in earlier political trends, but it’s tough to pinpoint a seminal moment, a spark out of which this ideology of tribal rage took its modern form.  By accident over the weekend I think

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Republicans, Minorities, and the Myth of Income Redistribution

Republicans have to broaden their appeal beyond the grumpy old white man demographic, how are we supposed to do it? There may be a simple answer, but like many simple answers it will be difficult to swallow. We could go

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Confronting a Post-Middle Class America

If it seems like the middle class in America isn’t what it used to be perhaps that’s because it doesn’t exist anymore.  There is no longer a coherent block of Americans in the middle income range that shares a common

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The Danger in Republican Climate Denial

Climate change is an issue so uniquely suited to the needs of the dying global left that it feels too perfectly tailored to be a coincidence.  We are being asked to accept that the accumulating exhaust of the Industrial Revolution

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Politics, Gun Control, and Psycho Killers

In the wake of the killings at Sandy Hook it appears that we’re going to have a fairly serious debate about gun rights.  In recent years we’ve shown little skill in handling such complex policy matters.  If we’re going to

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Smart People, Stupid Politics

A friend shared with me some very disturbing information this week.  He has evidence that seems to suggest that the Sandy Hook school shooting was staged by the government as a pretext to take away our guns. This shocking news

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Libertarianism Failed African-Americans

Want to feel better about the Republican Party’s problems in minority communities?  Spend some time with the Libertarians. You won’t find a lot of black Libertarians because libertarian theory runs counter to every lesson learned by African-Americans in the real

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Republican Minority Outreach Will Not Be Easy

“White Democrats will desert their party in droves the minute it becomes a black party.” Kevin Phillips, author of The Emerging Republican Majority, in 1968 Republicans are realizing that a willingness to be [mostly] polite to black people is insufficient

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