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Protecting All Unborn Life in Texas

Many are not so lucky. Every year trillions of spermatozoa are senselessly destroyed, most of them murdered for pointless pleasure. Each death is a harrowing indictment of a culture of sexual anarchy which places pleasure ahead of life. The Texas

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How Texas Disciplines Unchaste Women

The anger that’s pouring out against the Legislature over a new round of draconian anti-abortion rules has actually been building up for several years. Religious fundamentalists, let off the leash by the Texas GOP, have been placing provisions on the

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Candy Cigarettes and Social Conservatives

Growing up, there was a U-Totem just a block from my cousin’s trailer park.  We used to walk there to buy candy cigarettes and a brand of gum that came in a fake Skoal can. I developed a pack-a-day candy

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Texas is not Pro-Life

A pair of Scottish businessmen found themselves alone late at night in Houston’s elite Memorial neighborhood. They went knocking on doors hoping someone would let them call a cab. Peter De Vries, age 28, was shot and killed by a

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